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  • Michelle Moore

5 Tips For A Successful Kitchen Renovation

I have compiled some tips you can follow to make sure you have a successful kitchen renovation. Because let's be honest a kitchen renovation is grueling to say the least especially if you are still living in the house as the renovation is being completed.

Tip # 1

Always select and order your appliances before you start any work. This is key because with supply chain issues and manufacturing processes slower than usual, we need to know when the appliances will be ready to deliver and we need to know the cut out sizes for all the built in appliances. When we have all the rough cut out measurements then we know how to build the cabinets, whether they are job site built or ordered. Also if let's say you order appliances like Sub-Zero, there lead time is 12-18 months. Which means there is no need to start your kitchen renovation until we are closer to recieving those appliances. This way you are not waiting for them to arrive and holding up the whole construction process.

Tip # 2

If you will be living in the house as the renovation is being completed, have a plan. That means, what are you going to do for meals and basic necessities as the renovation is going on. Will you have a separate sink you can use to do dishes in, will you have a temporary cooking setup, how are you going to contain the dust...
Make sure you discuss your plans in detail with your contractor so everyone is prepared on how to work around these issues. I know for our clients, we prefer with larger renovations the client does not live in the home while the construction is going on, however if that is not an option we like to make sure the client is fully prepared on what to expect when it comes to dealing with a construction zone in their house while they are living there.
Preparation is key 🔑

Tip # 3

One way to update your kitchen and make it look expensive and designer inspired, take your upper cabinets to the ceiling. Remove any fur downs and extend your upper cabinets. This works best with 10' ceilings, however I have seen it work well with up to 12' high ceilings.

See picture below...

Waterfall Island, Kitchen Renovation

Tip# 4

When designing your kitchen layout, make sure you take into account how you use your kitchen. Are you cooking everyday or are you looking for aesthetics because you order food in most of the time? If you cook and use the kitchen daily then you want to be aware of the most efficient use of the space. Ideally a kitchen triangle is based on the three main work areas in the kitchen: the sink, the fridge and the stove/oven. These should be laid out in a triangle to enable you to preform day-to-day tasks with ease without obstruction. However, if you don't cook from home daily, maybe you just want a good looking kitchen. It is all up to your lifestyle and what suits your family.

Tip # 5

Probably the most important tip, is to hire a reputable contractor. Get references and make sure to check those references. Go see their work and make sure they carry the proper insurance and/or licenses. In the state of Texas there is no general contractor license, so it is key to check references and make sure they carry proper insurance. Talk to your friends and neighbors and see who they might have used. This is a great way to get an unbiased review about how that contractor worked out for them or who not to use.

As long as you follow these tips, you should be able to make if through your kitchen renovation with little to no problems. Wait, who am I kidding, in construction there are always problems, however these tips should help you to significantly reduce any issues that might come up in the construction process.

As always if you are in the greater Houston area, reach out to Gabay Construction for any of your construction projects.


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